1st Tip-Seal-Free Scroll Pump in the World

Scroll Laboratories, Inc. is the world leader in innovative, oil-free floating scroll technology. Through ongoing research and development, Scroll Labs has developed patented product lines since founded in 2001. The SVF and SCH series products have radically reimagined the capabilities of scroll technology.


The SVF series vacuum pumps and SCH series compressors boost these benefits:

Oil-Free: Maintain a clean vacuum environment in the compression chamber.

Tip-Seal-Free: Maintenance free; An alternative to costly tip seal replacement.

  1. No Ballast Valve: Ensure a low leakage rate and consistent vacuum performance.
  2. High efficiency: Patent-protected scroll technology ensures high volumetric efficiency.
  3. Compact and Lightweight: Support portable and miniature operation with limited size constraints.

SVF-series vacuum pumps achieve ultimate vacuum pressure <0.5 Pa (0.005 mbar). Applications: Mass Spectrometry, Analytical Instrumentations, Freeze-Dryers, Vacuum Coaters, Gas Leak Detection.

SCH-series dry scroll compressors achieve a high-pressure ratio with outlet pressures up to 35 MPa. Application: Natural Gas Refilling Systems, Gas Reclamation Systems, Hydrogen Refilling Systems.


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