Our engineers will work with you to develop the best design to meet and exceed your specifications.

Exclusive License of our Floating Scroll™ technology available for your application.

At Scroll Labs we use precision production and measurement to move from prototype to production ready designs with flexibility and agility.

Low Development Budget and Fast Prototype Delivery.

We have an experienced team to run fill evaluative testing and prepare your product for market.

We have short run production and sub-assembly available.


Scroll Labs has developed our patented oil free floating scroll technology for products across a broad array of industries and applications.

Contact our engineering and sales team to see how our existing technologies can be adapted to fit your unique needs.

Fuel Cell Compressor
Automotive industry Air-conditioning compressor Chassis Suspension
Military Pressure and Leak Detection Equipment
Medical Oxygen Concentrator
AC Vacuum Pump
DC Vacuum Pump
Dual Air Compressor and Vacuum Unit
Steam Expander
2 Stage Helium Compressor
High Pressure Oil Pump

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