Aerospace research nowadays is growing at an astonishing rate. A great amount of budget in United States is fueled towards creating eye opening aerospace technologies. Scroll Labs focuses on the importance of unique solutions for aerospace industry applications. Our years of research coupled with our robust manufacturing has led giant companies like NASA to work with us on their projects involving recycling of waste water to drinking water for their space missions.

Aerospace Industry Applications

  • Air Separation
  • Gas Sampling and Analysis
  • Electronics and Galley Cooling
  • Vacuum Waste System
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation
  • Semiconductor Process Gas Handling
  • Military related development

Our Recommendation

We recommend using the smaller SVF-2,SVF-5, SVF-20 or SVF-50 Vacuum pump for aerospace applications due to their compact size, low weight and ability to reach low vacuum levels.


According to Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine, a recent study by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) shows that investment in R&D within the aerospace industry is growing at a rapid pace.  The U.S. aerospace sector is considered the largest in the world and U.S. manufacturers are the main supplier of both military and civil aerospace hardware to the rest of the world.


Aviation is also one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, and has increased yearly at the rate of at least 14% since the 2004. Innovations ranging from lighter interior materials to improved potable water supply in commercial aircraft, and  improved methods for nitrogen and oxygen generation have created exciting news for the industry. These advancements have created increased demand for quiet, efficient, dynamically balanced and reliable scroll technology vacuum pumps and compressors.


Resource:  Deloitte’s 2019 aerospace and defense outlook 

Aerospace manufacturing magazine


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