Scroll Labs has never failed to disappoint in medical applications where low vibration ,low noise and longevity of the product are critical. We have developed a reliable and cost effective design for oxygen concentrators which are being used for military applications. Vacuum pump applications include wound care, endoscopy, liposuction and more. We have also developed a portable oxygen concentrator for civilians. To cater for the dental industry we have designed a portable dental compressor. Our portable dry scroll vacuum pumps and compressors are used for a wide variety of medical OEM applications.

Medical Applications:

  • Military oxygen concentrators
    Civilian oxygen concentrators
  • Portable Dental compressors
  • Freeze drying
  • Dialysis machine
  • Ventilators
  • Air mattress
  • Endoscopy suction pumping
  • Liposuction
  • Wound cleaning
  • Removing excess blood during surgery.

Civilian Oxygen Concentrators


vacuum pump applications

Military Oxygen Concentrators

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Our Recommendation

Varying applications in the medical industry will require different type of portable vacuum pumps/compressors depending on the flow rate and ultimate pressure. Our recommendations for portable oxygen concentrators is the SVF-50 pump due to its compact size,decent pumping speed and low power consumption.We also have an array of compressors which apply to the medical industry applications.

For Freeze drying applications with a medium sized chamber of around 40 L ,we suggest the SVF-E2-100 pump as it can handle moisture and reaches the required vacuum levels.

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