The video below exhibits a 2L chamber being pulled down to 0.1 Mbar using our SVF series dry scroll vacuum pump (SVF-E1-20C) using KF-16 as the inlet and outlet interface. As demonstrated, the target vacuum is achieved in a short period, with low noise volume.


SVF Series Vacuum Pumps Benefits:

  1. 1. Oil-free and compact, ideal for applications inĀ  Medical, R&D, Aerospace, Cannabis extraction, Semiconductor industries, and much more.

2. Designed to provide maintenance-free operation (no-tip seals, no ballast valve). Guarantees stable and clean vacuum performance.

3. An alternative to replace diaphragm pumps and rotary vane pumps in applications such as OEM equipment, laboratory, R&D, medical equipment, GCMS, LCMS, and freeze-drying.

4. Compact, lightweight alternative as compared to a diaphragm pump, while producing identical or lower ultimate vacuum.


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