Scroll Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2001 near Chicago to develop innovative, oil-free floating scroll machinery. Since its inception, Scroll Labs has consistently supplied scroll labs and vacuum pumps with unprecedented energy efficiency, reliability, and performance to the world. The company’s patented technology varies between very small to large flow rates and medium to high vacuums, in addition to its oil-free, high-pressure nature.

About Scroll Technology
In 1905, French inventor Léon Creux obtained the first US patent for a scroll-type displacement device. In doing so, he revolutionized theories of compression and expansion — the design minimized noise pollution and vibration while retaining high efficiency in operation. However, difficulties in accurately aligning the spiral walls and other critical components prevented the scroll device from entering common use until the 1990s, when Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machining matured enough to support the production of this revolutionary concept.

A scroll device operates with a fixed scroll fit inside an orbiting scroll, paired together with an angular and radial offset that creates a number of line contacts in operation between the curved spinal surfaces. These multiple contacts creating a matching number of gas or fluid pockets. As the orbiting scroll makes a non-rotational circular motion, the line contacts shift along the spiral curved surfaces, thus changing the volume within the enclosed pockets. The volume increases or decreases depending on the direction of the scroll element’s relative orbital motion, allowing the device to be used for both compression and expansion.

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