Scroll Laboratories, Inc attended the PITTCON 2017

Pittcon is the world’s leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. PITTCON attracts attendees from industry, academia and government from over 90 countries worldwide.  PITTCON 2017 turned out to be a great show for Scroll Labs.  Our team met with new contacts and business associates, and we were able to establish some very exciting new ventures and open new markets for our patented Scroll Pumps and Compressors.  PITTCON  global exposition is the place to get a hands-on look at the latest laboratory instrumentation, participate in live demos and product seminars, talk with technical experts, and find solutions to all your laboratory challenges.

Scroll Labs patented pumps are used in a wide variety of applications where clean, dry vacuum pumping is needed, for non-corrosive, non-hazardous applications.  The advantages  of scroll technology in scientific applications are numerous; including  – compact – oil free – quiet operation ( Max. 50 bBA) – discharging against atmospheric pressure – no valves make them extremely reliable- no dead space means increased efficiency. The scroll compression process is nearly 100% volumetrically efficient in pumping the trapped fluid. The suction process creates its own volume, separate from the compression and discharge processes, making scroll technology the best choice for precision scientific instruments.

PITTCON  eBook is available for free download here. This is “The Ultimate Compilation of Scientific Articles”  featuring extended interviews with world renowned scientists. The eBook is conveniently divided into scientific speciality to include genomic analysis/bioengineering, mass spectrometry, food safety, cannabis & pharma R&D, and hand-held devices/environmental, and so much more.

The eBook includes references to external web links for  information on topics and companies who manufacture scientific  innovations.

The following article discusses an interesting topic about pharmaceutical industry research.   Further reading about cannabis testing may be found here

Analysis and Automation Technologies for Pharmaceutical Research



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