• Design with unique floating scroll technology
  • Small Pumps
  • Dry and Oil-Free Pumps
  • Maximum pumping speed can reach 300L/min (18m 3 /hr )
  • For low and medium vacuum applications

Technical Data

Model SVF-E2-300 SVF-E3-300
Ultimate pressure ≤ 0.01 mBar ≤ 0.001 mBar
Pumping speed 300 L/min (18m 3 /hr)
Power consumption Max. 750w
Motor type Brushless DC Motor
Voltage 48 VDC or 110-220 VAC
Maximum speed 3,000 RPM
Noise level 60 dB(A)
Weight 22 kg/ 48.4 lb
Dimensions(mm) 413×338×338 mm
Dimensions (inch) 16.26×13.3×13.3 inch
Inlet connection KF 25
Outlet connection KF 25
Cooling system Air cooled
Ambient temperature -40°F To 122°F

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